Dwarf Red Ixora

Smaller bush with showy, reddish clusters of flower.  Looks very tropical, expecially when groupped with Xanadu, Schefflera and croton.  Does well in drought and excessive water but can get toasted in a freeze.

Arbicola (Dwarf Verigated Schefflera)

Bougainvillea (Dwarf)

Buttonwood, Silver

Croton, Yellow

Croton - Mammy

Crown of Thorns, Dwarf

Fire Bush

Flax Lily

Ginger, Verigated

Hibiscus, Pink

Ilex Holly (Schilling)

Muhly Grass

'Knock Out' Rose

Indian Hawthorne

Juniper 'Parsoni'

Oyster Plant



Red Fountain Grass


Thai Plant 'Red Sister'

Vibernum 'Suspensum'

Xanadu Philodendron