Empire Zoysia Turf

Zoysia grasses were introduced into the United States from Asia.  The most common variety in SW Florida is a patented one call Empire zoysia.  It has a dark green color and a plush carpet feel.  Zoysia may be more drought tolerant than St. Augustine grasses, but still needs weekly water in our hot summer sun.  It is slower growing than St. Augustine, and should be mowed a little lower.  We can control weeds and other invading grasses that cannot be treated with St. Augustine. Empire meets the Florida Green Building Coalition's "Green Building" standards.  It is the required turf for all new lawns in Lakewood Ranch east of Loraine Road.



  • Adaptable to wide variety of soils
  • Shade tolerance excellent
  • Salt tolerant
  • Withstands traffic
  • Resists weed invasion due to its dense growth
  • Chinch bug resistant
  • slow growth requires somewhat less maintenance


  • Dense growth may require occasional dethatching
  • Slow recovery from damage such as our recent frost
  • Tends to have shallow roots, potassium very important