Landscape Lighting

This is the "Icing on the Cake" to complete any landscape project.  We design, install and maintaine a variety of decorative, low voltage landscape lighting systems.  Adding landscape lighting gives depth, texture and color at night too.  We typically up-light palms, trees, and annual beds.  I addition the the plants, we can also light up the corners and columns of your house to give an even more dynamic effect. 


We use both Vista and Garden Light products.  The fictures run off 12-volt power which is supplied by Stainless Steel Transformers.  These transformers get plugged into an exterior 120V House outlet and it gets converted into a 12 volt output that is safe and virtually shock free.  All the lightbulbs are halogen which emit enough light to light even the tallest trees.  The fixtures industrial strength and are made of high quality bronze, powder coated alumium or carbon composite plastics.  These fixtures are just down-right awesome.




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