Products & Labels & MSDS

We use a wide variety of top quality (and very expensive) products to keep your lawn and landscape looking its best.  Below is a list of the products that we use.  I have supplied a brief description of what each product does and why we use it.  Click on the picture or the name and you will be connected to the manufacture's site for a complete description.  Furthermore, for your convenience, we also have links to the Product Labels and MSDS Sheets.


Allectus SC                                                       Label    MSDS

Turf and Ornamantal insecticide with both contact and systemic properties.  This is usually our first round of attack against chich bugs.  This is applied through our tank sprayer.  It is first applied in April and May and is used throughout the summer.

Aloft                                                                Label    MSDS

Turf and Ornamental insecticide with both contact and systemic properties.  This is applied through our tank sprayer and has similar uses as Allectus. 

Arena                                                                           Label    MSDS

Turf and Ornamental Insecticide, both contact and systemic.  Used to control chinch bugs, grubs, army worms, sod web worms, scale and many other insects.  Apply water after application.

Top Choice                                                                    Label    MSDS

Fire Ant Killer - This is a long-lasting insecticide targeting fire ants.  The label says that it will last up to a year.  I get the best results if I apply it once every six months being careful not to exceed the maximum limit per year.


Armada  50 WP                                                 Label    MSDS

This is a broad spectrum fungicide used to treat many diseases, especially in turf.  This is one of just a couple products used to treat Take All Root Rot (TARR).  This is a more cost effective approach.  Repeat treatments may be necessary.  

Insignia                                                             Label    MSDS

Broad spectrum fundicide used to treat many turf diseases.  This is also used for Take All Root Rot, Zoysia Patch, Curvalaria and many others.  It has different active ingrediants, so when we have applied a maximum rate of one product, we can switch to this one or vise versa. 


Round-Up                                                          Label    MSDS

Non-Selective herbicide that is used to kill weeds in flowerbeds.  This is ONLY and contact killer.  It must be sprayed on the leaves of a plant.  Once sprayed it get absorbed by the plant through the leaves and moves to the roots, killing the whole plant.  From absorbtion to death takes about 10 days.

Razor Pro                                                          Label    MSDS

Non-Selective hericide that is used to kill weeds in flowerbeds and crack etc.  This is used more than Round-Up strictly because of cost.  It is essentially the same product.

Drive 75 DF                                                       Label    MSDS

Selective herbicide used to kill carpet grass and crab grass in Zoysia Turf.  Applied with a backpack sprayer and spot treated as needed.  Takes about 10 days for a complete kill.

Pre-M 3.3 Ec                                                                  Label    MSDS

Pre-emergant applied to flowerbed to prevent weeds from germinating.  It is sprayed using a back-pack sprayer.  It can be sprayed over the top of most ornamental plants with injury.  Has a very yellow color that goes away in a couple days.


Manganese High Combo Chelated                                      Label    MSDS

This is an excellent product for applying Manganese, Magnesium, and Iron to yellowing plants, especially palm trees and Ixora.  We usually apply this through a Root Injection process delivering the minerals directly to the roots for immediate absorbtion.

Total Tree 20-4-10                                             Label    MSDS

This product mixed with GatorExcel 400 High Mn is the perfect combination we use for Palm Tree Root Injection.  It is high in all of the minerals needed for a complete and healthy palm trees.  Injections of about 5-10 gallons per tree twice a year will do any palm tree wonders.

400 High Mn                                                          Label    MSDS

This product is very high in Chelated Magnesium (Mg), Chelated Manganese (Mn), Iron (Fe), and Combined Sulfer (S).  Mixed with the above Total Tree 20-4-10 provides the complete package for palm tree care.

20-0-10 Fertilizer with Atrazine 0.92%                                  Label

Granular Turf Fertilizer with broadleaf weed control.  Contains 20% Nitrogen, 10% Soluble Potash, 9.32% Sulfur, 2% Iron, 0.14% Manganese and 7.5% Chlorine.  Used mostly int the cooler months.