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Cold Weather Advice

In January 2010 we have experienced the longest and one of the colderst low temperatures in this area in recent memory.  Here are a few notes and references on cold sensitve plants and how to protect them.  Cover the following plants in this order since sheets and blankets are usually limited:

Dwarf Ixora




Xanadu Philodendron



Cardboard Palm


Other plants and palm may freeze too. However, palm trees are difficult to cover and usually blow off and many of the other plants that can freeze may come back quickly after trimming back.

What to do when freezing may happen

When tempuratures are forecast for 35 Degrees it is time to be concerned.  Thse temprature are taken at the Sarasota Airport, which is usually about 4-5 Degrees warmer than near the I-75 Area.  So if you are East of I-75 here are some things that can help prevent frost damage.


Cover plants with fabric such as frost cloth, blankets or sheets.  Plastic can help a little depending upon how this it is.  Leaving plastic on the plants could lead to phototoxicity and harm the plants too.  Keep in mond that covering the plants is only good for about a 3-4 degree buffer.  If it get to 28 Degrees for lower, expect significant freeze damage.


Watering the night before the threat of frost can also help.  See below


A thick layer of MULCH is also a good idea.  It helps hold in water and it acts as a blanket to the root system.